How It Began


We--Pam, Kara, and Eliana--first met in 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the IWCA Summer Institute hosted at Temple University. Since then, we have collaborated on a variety of professional development events and became editors of The Writing Center Journal in Fall 2017. As the co-editors, our vision for The WCJ centers on a strong research community of writing center scholarship.

We work together to maintain the scholarly integrity of the journal while also promoting a strong, inclusive community for all who are interested in writing center research and scholarship. 

In addition to providing substantial feedback to authors and expanding the journal’s online presence, we facilitate a variety of interactive professional development opportunities to help sustain a dynamic and inclusive research community, such as facilitating works-in-progress sessions at the annual IWCA conference, participating in editors' roundtables, and one-one-one conversations with authors.

We want The WCJ to continue to be the hub of a thriving, diverse, and interactive group that includes researchers and scholars representing a variety of backgrounds, including secondary schools, community colleges, four-year institutions and graduate programs.