How It Began


We--Michele Eodice, Kerri Jordan, and Steven Price--first met in 2007 in Laurence, Kansas during an IWCA Summer Institute. Since then, we have collaborated on a variety of professional development events and became editors of The Writing Center Journal in 2013. As the co-editors, our vision for The WCJ centers on a strong research community of writing center scholarship.

We work together to maintain the scholarly integrity of the journal while also promoting a strong, inclusive community for all who are interested in writing center research and scholarship. 

In addition to providing substantial feedback to authors and expanding the journal’s online presence, we facilitate a variety of interactive professional development opportunities to help sustain a dynamic and inclusive research community, such as WCJ Live and our blog.

We want The WCJ to continue to be the hub of a thriving, diverse, and interactive group that includes researchers and scholars representing a variety of backgrounds, including secondary schools, community colleges, four-year institutions and graduate programs.

We are committed to publishing strong empirical research and theoretical scholarship relevant to writing centers. To that end, and with the help of our new associate editors, Richard Sévère and Anna Sicari, we are committed to three key practices: We will:

  • Provide meaningful feedback on all manuscripts, including those we choose to reject.

  • Make ourselves available and accessible through retreats, workshops, and other engagements at regional and international writing center conferences.

  • Coordinate online professional development events related to The Writing Center Journal and our research community.