Meet the Incoming Editors

Pam Bromley, Kara Northway, and Eliana Schonberg

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Pam Bromley (Pomona), Kara Northway (Kansas State), and Eliana Schonberg (Duke) have been thinking, debating, and writing collaboratively about writing center scholarship for over ten years--late at night and early in the morning, over wine and coffee. Our work has been published in The Writing Center Journal, Across the Disciplines, Praxis, and WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. We welcome manuscripts from a diverse and wide range of topics, methodologies, and theoretical approaches, focused on all types of students, tutors, institutions, and locations. We look forward to working with writing center practitioners on developing all kinds of research for publication.


Current Editors

 Editor, Michele Eodice

Michele Eodice


Michele Eodice is the Associate Provost for Academic Engagement and Director of the OU Writing Center at the University of Oklahoma. Her research centers on collaboration, community writing, and The Meaningful Writing Project.



 Editor Kerri Jordan

Kerri Jordan


Kerri Jordan is a Professor of English and Writing Program Coordinator at Mississippi College. Kerri earned a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University, where she was a Board of Regents Fellow and her dissertation was on power and empowerment in writing center conferencing.

 Steve Price, Editor

Steve Price


Steve Price is a Professor of English and Writing Center Director at Mississippi College. He earned a Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University. He has served as a department chair, the director of a communication across the curriculum program, and as director of two writing centers.

 Anna Sicari, Associate Editor

Anna Sicari


Anna Sicari is a Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Director at Oklahoma State University. She earned her Ph.D in English at St. John's University. Her current research is a qualitative study of women writing program administrators and their negotiation of voice and authority in the academy.

 Richard Severe, Associate Editor

Richard SEvere

Associate Editor

Richard Sévère is an Associate Professor of Medieval Literature and Professional Writing at Valparaiso University. Richard earned his PhD from Purdue University.  Previous to his position at Valparaiso, he founded and directed the Writing Collaboratory at Centenary College of New Jersey.


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