A Little About Us


Welcome to The Writing Center Journal’s website! As The WCJ editors, we — Pam Bromley, Kara Northway, and Eliana Schonberg, as well as Steve Price, WCJ's first-ever book reviews editor — would like to introduce you to our vision for the journal, as well as give you a brief history and background of The Writing Center Journal.

The Writing Center Journal was launched in 1980 by Lil Brannon and Steven North and remains the primary research journal in the field of writing centers. WCJ is the official journal of the International Writing Centers Association, an Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English. WCJ is published twice a year: fall/winter and spring/summer; the journal's acceptance rate is 17%.

We're committed to publishing strong empirical research and theoretical scholarship relevant to writing centers. In addition, we seek to build a stronger research community for writing centers. To that end, we are committed to three key practices. We will:

  • Provide meaningful feedback on all manuscripts, including those we choose to reject.

  • Make ourselves available and accessible at regional and international writing center conferences.

  • Coordinate professional development events related to The Writing Center Journal and our research community.

For library subscriptions, the annual rate is $80.00 USD. Checks should be made out to:
Writing Center Journal, Stephanie Liu-Rojas, 170 E. 6th Street, Claremont CA, 91711.

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