Articles should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words (including citations) and should include an abstract of approximately 200 words. Topics addressed should be relevant to the writing center community.

We are particularly interested in RAD research (replicable, aggregable, data-driven) and empirical studies that go beyond conjecture and hypothesis. Authors should submit studies that offer practical applications and transportable instruments; however, we will also consider non-empirical studies that make theoretical contributions with strong explanatory power.

Researchers who work with human participants should include the IRB approval number for their studies. (See the WCJ style sheet for more information.)




We are also interested in book reviews and review essays. These submissions should follow the same formatting guidelines above and in the WCJ style sheet. Book reviews should be approximately 2,000 words; review essays which address multiple works should be no more than 6,000 words.

Though reviewed books need not address writing centers exclusively, reviews of such works should make explicit connections with writing center studies and should address what the reviewed texts contribute to theory and practice of tutoring, writing center administration, and/or working with writers.

WCJ publishes book reviews that move beyond summary or promotion; writers should situate reviewed books in broader conversations in the field and should include critique of the reviewed works as warranted.




Manuscript receipt is acknowledged by email. After initial review by the editors (typically within 4-8 weeks), strong manuscripts will be submitted for blind review by at least two external readers.

The editors will keep authors informed of their manuscript status and will provide feedback even to those essays that we decline to send out for peer review. Please take a look at our WCJ Review Form; it gives a sense of what we ask our reviewers to read for and what we want WCJ manuscripts to accomplish.


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